Water Resources

We offer a wide range of water resource services including consulting, design, permitting, and construction administration. Our water rights specialists, hydrologists and water resources/hydraulic engineers deliver innovative planning and design solutions.

Water Resources Services

Water Rights

We understand the importance of water rights for our growing communities, and for agricultural, domestic, municipal, industrial, and recreational uses. Our teams work closely with clients who need to acquire new water rights, or protect their existing water rights for current and future needs.

  • Water Rights Adjudication Support
  • Beneficial Water Use Permit Applications
  • Change of Existing Water Rights Applications & Mitigation Strategies
  • Water Rights Dispute Resolution
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Due Diligence Services

Surface Water Hydrology

Our services cover complete hydraulic analysis of floodplains, irrigation structures, stream channels, and stormwater systems. Projects range in scope from planning and analysis on the watershed level, to the design and implementation of stormwater management measures to meet water quality goals.

  • Streambank and River Restoration and Mitigation
  • Wetland Delineation, Mitigation, and Permitting
  • Hydrology & Hydraulics Studies for Flood Modeling, Forecasting, and Floodplain Analysis
  • FEMA Map Change Studies
  • Water Availability Evaluations
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Traditional and Bioengineering Bank Stabilization Design
  • Irrigation Canal, Diversions and Structure Design
  • Fish Habitat Enhancement, Fish Ladder/Screen Design
  • Water Measurement for Asset Management

Groundwater Hydrology

We have decades of experience in the development, management and protection of groundwater resources. We assist in the design and implementation of monitoring systems, including the selection and procurement of instrumentation, to measure quantity and monitor quality. Our groundwater modeling specialists develop detailed models for contaminant migration, dewatering, and wellfield management.

  • Well Design for Industry, Municipalities, and Individuals
  • Well Log Preparation and Driller Oversight
  • Watershed Recharge and Water Availability Analysis
  • Groundwater Monitoring Plan Design and Implementation
  • Groundwater-Surface Water Modeling (AQTESolv, Groundwater Vistas/MODFLOW/SURFACT)
  • Contamination Investigations: Source, Transport, and Fate
  • Regulatory Compliance – Solid Waste Facility Monitoring