Miller Creek Road Improvements Project


Miller Creek Roundabout: A Long Journey

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The Miller Creek Road area has a very long history of transportation issues and studies. Suffice to say that after the spending of Millions of dollars, numerous design concepts, and countless public meetings, little if any ground had been gained toward actually implementing improvements.  Only through the vision of Tom McCarthy (the 'M' of WGM Group) and his ability, when nothing else was happening, to convince the developers of Maloney Ranch and Twite Properties that it was in their best interests to make advance payment of fees for future houses in order to fund improvements to Miller Creek Road did this project really get legs.

Miller Creek Road Improvements Advertised for Bids



Construction plans were released this week for prospective bidders on the Miller Creek Road Improvements project in Missoula.  The project consists of reconstructing approximately 3,400 feet of Miller Creek Road from Briggs Street to Mockingbird Way, including approximately 500 feet of Lower Miller Creek Road.  A roundabout will be installed at the intersection of Upper and Lower Miller Creek Roads, as well as new curb and gutter, sidewalk, bike lanes, lighting, storm drainage, sanitary sewer, signing, striping and landscaping.

Miller Creek Road - Briggs to Mockingbird

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sign2.pngMiller Creek Road is the primary access to a growing suburban area on the south side of Missoula.  The existing road is in poor condition and lacks adequate capacity, safety, drainage, sidewalks, and bike facilities. In 1997, Missoula County began collecting Transportation Mitigation Fees to fund future transportation needs in the area.  In 2007, the City of Missoula and Missoula County, working collaboratively, identified Miller Creek Road as the top priority for improvements.