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November 2010 Archives

Miller Creek Roundabout: A Long Journey



The Miller Creek Road area has a very long history of transportation issues and studies. Suffice to say that after the spending of Millions of dollars, numerous design concepts, and countless public meetings, little if any ground had been gained toward actually implementing improvements.  Only through the vision of Tom McCarthy (the 'M' of WGM Group) and his ability, when nothing else was happening, to convince the developers of Maloney Ranch and Twite Properties that it was in their best interests to make advance payment of fees for future houses in order to fund improvements to Miller Creek Road did this project really get legs. 

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Urban Dwelling: A Trend Not To Be Ignored


Sawmill.Mccormick Park Map.jpg

We found a fantastic article in the Washington Monthly that hits how real-estate trends affect the national economy right on the head. Baby boomers and their children make up the two largest demographics in the United States. One thing that they have in common is their desire to move away from the suburbs and into urban centers. Given that real estate and the infrastructure that supports it make up 35% of the national economy, this is a trend that cannot be ignored.

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